Frog Dry Pot

Looking for an exquisite Chinese dish that will tantalize your taste buds? Look no further than Frog Dry Pot! At Oohu, a premier restaurant in New York City, we proudly offer this delectable and authentic delicacy. Frog Dry Pot is a traditional Chinese culinary masterpiece that combines succulent frog meat with a harmonious blend of aromatic spices, herbs, and vegetables. Unlike any other dish, Frog Dry Pot is a perfect balance of flavors and textures. Each bite offers a unique combination of tender frog meat, crisp vegetables, and a hint of spiciness that will leave you craving for more. Our skilled chefs at Oohu meticulously prepare this dish, ensuring that every ingredient retains its freshness and natural flavors. At Oohu, we understand the importance of delivering an unforgettable dining experience. That's why we take pride in offering Frog Dry Pot as one of our signature dishes, allowing you to experience the true essence of Chinese cuisine in the heart of New York City. Whether you are an adventurous foodie or someone seeking a unique culinary adventure, our restaurant is the perfect destination to savor this exceptional Chinese specialty. Visit Oohu in New York City today and indulge in the irresistible flavors of our mouthwatering Frog Dry Pot. Our warm and welcoming ambiance combined with our commitment to exceptional service will make your dining experience truly unforgettable. Discover the exquisite taste of authentic Chinese cuisine right here in the heart of the city. Don't miss out on this extraordinary gastronomic adventure at Oohu!