Prawns with Spicy Garlic Sauce

Looking for a tantalizing, flavor-packed Chinese dish in the heart of New York City? Look no further than Oohu's irresistible Prawns with Spicy Garlic Sauce! Our mouthwatering creation is a perfect fusion of succulent prawns and an enchanting spicy garlic sauce that will leave your taste buds craving for more. At Oohu, we take pride in serving authentic Chinese cuisine that's sure to impress even the most discerning food enthusiasts. Our Prawns with Spicy Garlic Sauce are skillfully prepared to perfection, showcasing the fresh flavors of plump prawns complemented by the bold and fiery notes of our signature garlic sauce. Experience a symphony of flavors as the tender prawns effortlessly absorb the rich, aromatic spices of our incredible sauce. With each bite, you'll find yourself captivated by the exquisite balance of heat, savory umami, and a hint of sweetness that makes this dish truly unforgettable. Located in the vibrant and diverse culinary hub of New York City, Oohu is the go-to destination for authentic Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. Our talented chefs have expertly crafted a menu that showcases the best of Chinese flavors, using only the finest ingredients to guarantee a truly unforgettable dining experience. Whether you're a spice enthusiast or simply seeking a unique and delectable Chinese dish, Oohu's Prawns with Spicy Garlic Sauce is a must-try. Join us at our New York City location, and let your taste buds embark on an extraordinary culinary journey. Book your table today to savor this sensational dish and explore the delightful wonders of Chinese cuisine at Oohu!